For over a decade, private debt funds have undergone a meteoric rise, and the operational challenges have risen at the same pace resulting in a raft of distractions for managers that can impede their search for yield.

Crestbridge offers a full range of administrative services, alleviating the burdens facing private debt funds. This allows you to operate as efficiently as possible, safe in the knowledge that your administration is being handled by dedicated, local teams of specialists.


Private Debt Insight Series

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Daily book keeping

Private debt funds face a tremendous accounting burden, with copious daily bookkeeping obligations. Outsourcing this to a dedicated specialist allows you to focus on finding yields and generating alpha.

Covenant monitoring

Debt covenants are a vital aspect of compliance, and proper adherence to it ensures that funds don’t fall into regulatory breaches. We provide continuous and ongoing monitoring of this, relieving the pressure from fund managers and giving them complete peace of mind.

Proven track record

Crestbridge has a long and well established track record of servicing the private debt industry, from trade finance, to venture capital and mezzanine debt.

Depositary services

Depositary services are essential for alternative investment fund managers who operate within the EU, as they are required to comply with AIFM Directives. Crestbridge ensures that compliance, and provides a full suite of depositary services, with $7bn in assets under deposit.

Super ManCo

Utilising Crestbridge’s management company service means your fund will be able to market and distribute its products seamlessly throughout Europe, and Crestbridge’s Super ManCo offering means that we have the right licenses in place to provide agile solutions for all major fund structures.

Global network and introductions

Take advantage of Crestbridge’s deep, global network of contacts and benefit from networking and knowledge sharing with prominent investment professionals.