Insights / 31 January 2019

JPUTs represent a key feature of our Real Estate offering at Crestbridge

When the UK Government initially announced its intention to bring non-UK investors in scope for either CGT or Corporation Tax from April 2019 a wave of uncertainty regarding the impact of such changes upon offshore structures was felt throughout the finance industry. Combined with investor reticence to deploy capital until the outcome of Brexit is known, one could have been forgiven for thinking 2019 was not getting off to the most promising start.

However, now that further details have been released confirming that the proposed tax changes will include specific exclusions for collective investment schemes (typically including JPUTs) meaning that they may elect to be treated as transparent and thus preserve the exempt status of investors, things are looking brighter. Just this week we have received new instructions from a leading UK property developer client to establish a JPUT structure based on current tax advice. JPUTs represent a key feature of our Real Estate offering at Crestbridge. If you would like to hear more about the services we can offer or discuss a proposed structure then please contact Simon Todd