Our management company solutions allow fund managers to focus on what they do best, safe in the knowledge that our team is handling the many administrative and regulatory responsibilities that go with managing a fund. Our multi-platform approach offers a fast, cost-effective route to your chosen jurisdictions, however complex your needs may be.

Operating out of our existing London office in Mayfair, our new Luxembourg ManCo branch in the UK is intended to act as a convenient point of contact for London fund managers making use of or exploring the potential offered by an EU ManCo as part of their European market access strategy. The branch provides UK based clients with a personable, easy access face-to-face service, where they can engage initially with the branch in the UK, who will be supported and link seamlessly with our experts in Luxembourg for both ManCo and specific regulatory requirements.

Our service offering

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Independent risk management


Oversight of delegated functions

Third party management company

UCITS, AIFM and EuVECA management services

Your challenge

Any fund launch (AIFM or UCITS) needs to happen within a tight timeframe in order to capitalise on market opportunities. At the same time, resources are finite and there is pressure to minimise costs and the additional burden arising from an increasingly complex and onerous regulatory landscape.

Our approach

The breadth and depth of our expertise in managing and administering funds enables us to understand and anticipate your needs. We can then tailor our outsourcing solution to suit your exact situation, leaving you free to focus on adding value for your investors.

Our solution
Our solution

Our ManCo solutions enable you to outsource your chosen amount of regulatory, reporting, risk and portfolio management functions to Crestbridge. This allows you to launch your fund in a timely manner and at the same time leverage leading industry expertise, reduce costs, time spent and the burden of your own AIFM or UCITS vehicles.