Life at Crestbridge / 05 March 2020

World Book Day at Crestbridge

World Book Day at Crestbridge

This year, World Book Day falls on 5 March. As a registered charity, World Book Day aims to use this annual event to promote the benefits of reading, and to give every school age child a book of their own to enjoy. Regardless of age, there are multiple reasons why we should all pick up a book from time to time, including helping to improve writing skills, reduce stress, increase mental stimulation and memory improvement.

As adults, it’s easy to use lack of time as an excuse not to read, but in fact sitting back, relaxing and picking up a book is a great way to wind down from work life. In support of this, our London office recently started the Crestbridge London Book Club.

Every month, a group of London colleagues get together to discuss the book they have been reading that month. Dhawa Gurung, a Trainee Administrator in our London office said “I’m really enjoying our Book Club. I’m reading books I would not normally pick up and benefitting from the different subjects and style. I also think it’s been a great opportunity to mix with, and build a relationship with, colleagues with whom I don’t normally have day-to-day interaction.”

Last month, the London Book Club read ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,’ by Ken Keysey. This month, they have moved on to ‘Station Eleven,’ by Emily St. John Mandel, which, although fictional, some might say has a topical relevance to current events taking place in the world!

The Crestbridge London Book Club is a great example of where employees are going above and beyond the remit of their roles, taking on the additional commitment of regular reading in order to interact with and share ideas with colleagues outside of the office environment.

We hope the London Book Club continues to enjoy meeting up to discuss their current reads and we hope everyone else enjoys World Book Day and finds time to have a little read.