Insights / 08 March 2021

Why Gender Diversity is Important in the Workplace

Daniela Klasen-Martin

Daniela Klasen-Martin, Group Head of Management Company Services, was recently profiled in LPEA’s Insight Out where she explored why she believes gender diversity is important for a business to flourish.

Celebrating International Women’s Day, this edition of Insight Out champions women in private equity.

Daniela discusses how she has always worked in a predominantly male environment, and how this taught her to set boundaries early on. She explains, ‘As a woman, this is an important and subtle process, it is something you portray in your demeanour and behaviour as opposed to in direct statements. There is a certain amount of confidence involved, you need to be able to show that you are unimpressed with any kind of dominant behaviour and that you can stand up for yourself.’   

These environments have shaped Daniela professionally, as she had to prove that she was ‘just as ambitious, if not more so, than [her] male colleagues’ to ensure that she was ‘considered and respected’.   

Daniela goes on to share her experience in the workplace, as well as give advice to other young female professionals. She shares, 'I think that women work very hard to provide quality but seldom ask for reward. You need to believe in yourself and you shouldn’t be shy to ask for things that you want.' 

'Finally, I would stress that though women can learn from some male behaviours, they should keep their own style. Diversity is important for a business to flourish.'

Read the full article here: (p.26)