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Stephanie Workman interviews inspirational women in Real Estate

Stephanie Workman interviews women in Real Estate


Stephanie WorkmanStephanie Workman

Crestbridge, Manager, Real Estate Services

Stephanie Workman interviews four inspirational women about their thoughts on success and achievements in the Real Estate industry.

To celebrate International Women’s Day Stephanie interviewed four successful women she works with day-to-day to get their thoughts on promoting gender equality in the industry.


Antonia Burgess

Antonia Burgess

Independent Non-Executive Director

If you had one key piece of career advice for women, what would it be?

I wish my younger self had known that as a woman you don’t have to be serious to be taken seriously!

If I can provide a second piece of advice it would be to push yourself to take on challenges that place you outside your comfort zone. Whether it’s speaking in public or applying for a promotion, you will achieve a great sense of satisfaction and perhaps surprise yourself.

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Alison Lambert

Alison Lambert

Oxford Properties, Executive Director, Luxembourg and SVP Head of Finance, Europe

How can businesses level the playing field to create an environment in which everybody thrives?

Offer opportunities to all, flexible working is important and not just around parental leave but be able to offer sabbatical experiences to all. Give the same opportunities to everyone and do not assume that someone does not want to do something or indeed do something without having a conversation with the individual.

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Sophie Reguengo

Sophie Reguengo

Ogier, Partner

How can our male colleagues be allies for equality?

Men can be fantastic allies for equality at work, not only by advocating for women in their teams but also by educating themselves on the issues women face. The majority of men do not want a discriminatory workplace, and yet many workplaces still aren't equal – you have to ask why this is. It goes back to this issue of unchallenged assumptions and who a system or workplace is designed for. Making a concerted effort to understand "unknown unknowns" is what makes an effective ally of any disadvantaged group.

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Anastasia Klein

Anastasia Klein

Maples Teesdale, Partner

What do we need to do to see meaningful change being made in the corporate and property world?

We need policies about equality to be lived (not just on paper) and conversations about equality to involve everyone.

Also, in my view it is imperative that more women in the industry make themselves visible by, for example, speaking on or moderating industry panel discussions. These more visible roles should encourage other women to step up, and also normalise the presence of women in these traditionally “male” roles. I am a registered speaker for Women Talk Real Estate which is a fantastic organisation that aims to do just this, by both training women for panels and offering female speakers for events.

Personally, I found it difficult to find any female role models who were similar to me; not a “superwoman”, but a professional with a young family who wanted to progress to a management role, whilst still being fully involved in her children’s lives. I hope that by being transparent about my own experiences, I can offer another model for partnership, or management roles that people can relate to.

Finally, for change to be meaningful, I believe that we need to make sure that our business allows all of the members of our team to be authentic and to feel comfortable bringing their whole self to the office.

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