Insights / 17 January 2020

Stability and expertise are vital elements of Jersey’s family office proposition

Jersey Finance’s family office roundtable

Speaking at the first event in Jersey Finance’s family office roundtable series in London at the end of last year, Paul Windsor, Managing Director at Crestbridge, highlighted the importance of Jersey’s stable environment in attracting family office business.

Joined by a number of Jersey-based and international private client advisers, Paul discussed how expertise, economic and political stability are important considerations for family offices doing business or considering doing business in Jersey.

“Instability in the rest of the world is a key driver for people to seek out safe jurisdictions like Jersey,” he said. “There's instability everywhere. From a political, constitutional and economic point of view, we can say that Jersey is a very stable environment in which to do business.

“For clients it's a case of ‘why wouldn't you use Jersey?’. Jersey Finance has done a fantastic job over the years in setting the scene for Jersey and putting it into that sort of stratosphere and as a result, a lot of clients have no question that it provides all the things that they need.”

Paul also pointed to the high standards of specific skills and knowledge that family offices frequently look out for and which can be accessed easily and rapidly in Jersey:

“One of the challenges for Jersey is to make sure its positioning is around its expertise and the quality and the depth and its knowledge, which is what clients ask more for than probably anything else.”

More about the roundtable and why family offices are increasingly choosing to do business in Jersey can be found here.