Insights / 03 November 2020

Luxembourg Rebounds from Global Pandemic

Daniela Klasén-Martin

Daniela Klasen-Martin discussed the reasons why Luxembourg has emerged from the global pandemic in a strong position.   

Speaking with Nicholas Neveling in a recent Special Report for Real Deals, Daniela Klasen-Martin, Luxembourg Managing Director and Group Head of Management Company Services at Crestbridge, shared her thoughts on how Luxembourg’s pragmatic and flexible approach to COVID-19 disruption has helped to mitigate the impact of the pandemic.   

She explained: “Service providers have been able to quickly respond to the challenge and implemented home-working, with minimal disruption. The landscape has been shifting rapidly and dramatically, from changes in economic substance, to amended value-at-risk limits, and modified liquidity management requirements within portfolios. By ensuring meticulous attention to detail on all regulatory and compliance issues, service providers are removing a potentially burdensome and onerous variable in their clients’ operational activities. This will go a long way in minimising, or at least mitigating, the Covid-elicited disruptions to their business.”  

Daniela went on to comment on how the government and CSSF have supported Luxembourg’s fund industry, and the benefits that this has brought.   

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