Insights / 20 July 2020

Listen now to Crestbridge's new real estate podcast

Real Assets. Real Expertise. Podcast

Crestbridge has launched its first podcast series exploring issues in the real estate sector.

Real Assets. Real Expertise. Podcast is where we explore issues and themes across the real estate sector. At Crestbridge, real estate is a key focus for us… it’s in our DNA.

Episode 1 is hosted by Stephanie Workman, Senior Manager, Real Estate Services, where she follows up her interview, originally intended for MIPIM, with Chris Carter Keall, Chief Investment Officer at LifeX Aps.

Chris discusses what he thinks about the social dimension of sustainable development, building communities and the improved quality of urban living.

You can listen to our podcasts by clicking on the listen button below or going to Spotify.

If you’d like to find out more about how Crestbridge can help you manage all of the administration, reporting, residency and governance needs of your real estate structures, please get in touch.

I hope you enjoy listening.

Simon Todd

Group Head of Real Estate Services

T: +44 1534 835659