Life at Crestbridge / 28 January 2020

Healthy January at Crestbridge

Healthy January

This January we have been encouraging employees to stay healthy.

We provided delicious, healthy breakfast yoghurts every Monday to help kick start the week and get us off on the right track; helping us to look after ourselves and put the right foods into our bodies.

We also had the pleasure of Kalimukti joining us for 2 WOGA (Yoga at Work) sessions. The sessions were specifically tailored towards movements that could be achieved at our desks urging us to be active throughout our day and deterring us from sitting static behind our screens.

We finished off the month by beating the January blues and taking time out of our busy days to meet with a friend or colleague and use our Cargo coffee vouchers. This was a good time to sit down and talk about things in order for us to feel lighter and happier.

Overall, we’ve had a very healthy and happy January, and making sure we take care of ourselves for the rest of the year!