Industry events / 27 March 2017

Crestbridge Managing Director and Luxembourg Country Head to speak at Expat Women event

Expat Women event

The event will take place at the Centre Culturel Tramsschapp in Luxembourg and will see ten expatriates share their stories of professional success in the melting pot city. 

Daniela will speak about her life experiences in Luxembourg, which spans two decades. She will share stories about having parents from Italy and Sweden and why she moved from Paris in 1997 to pursue a successful career in financial services. The event will also see stories shared by nine other women from different sectors and backgrounds stretching from radio to health, and architecture.

Daniela commented on the event: “This is a great event for women in Luxembourg to network and collaborate together through their shared experiences as an expat. Luxembourg is the only place I felt ‘normal,’ as many people in the business community work to combine different cultural backgrounds, speak several languages and are born somewhere else than in Luxembourg.” 

She continued: “It is one of those places you need to have very compelling reasons to leave.” 

The event will commence with welcome cocktails at 6.30pm on Wednesday and will end with a networking dinner. If you would like to register, please click here.