Industry events / 19 March 2019

Crestbridge Luxembourg Head to discuss future of ESG funds at sustainable finance forum


Daniela Klasén-Martin, Group Head of Management Company Services and Country Head of Crestbridge in Luxembourg, will explore trends in the green and social impact investment funds sector and the role the UK is playing in shaping the ESG landscape at a major sustainable finance conference being held in Luxembourg.

The day-long FARAD Finance Forum 2019, entitled ‘The Green Ocean Tsunami’, is set to take place on 19th March at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and will feature several panel and plenary sessions and guest speakers from the public and private sectors, all focusing on sustainability within the asset management, funds and insurance sectors.

Sitting on a panel entitled ‘UK: has the boat already left the harbour?’, Daniela will discuss the role the UK has played and continues to play in shaping the social impact investing sector and whether Brexit will impact the evolution of sustainable finance.

Also at the event, speakers will look at why sustainable finance is becoming a key driver in business decision making, how ESG investment is evolving, and how regulators are approaching the sector.

Daniela commented: “There’s no doubt that, globally, sustainable finance is a rapidly evolving area, and certainly we are seeing more and more fund managers interested in the area as green and social impact investment increasingly become core parts of investor strategies. It will be a fascinating conference in a cutting-edge area and I’m delighted to be part of it.”

Further information about the Forum can be found here, whilst to meet Daniela during the event, please contact her here.