Industry events / 11 May 2020

Crestbridge Fiduciary to sponsor STEP Miami Summit Series

Paul Hunter and Heather Tibbo

Crestbridge Fiduciary is proud to sponsor STEP Miami’s first-ever Summit Series of webinars presented over the week of 11-13 May 2020.

Sign up here to attend Tuesday’s session at 12:00PM EDT, The Future of the Trust Industry: Is the United States the Preeminent 21st Century Trust Jurisdiction?, sponsored by Crestbridge Fiduciary. Betty Andrikopoulos and Paul Hunter will introduce speaker Simon Beck, Partner at Baker McKenzie.

In recent years, there has been exponential growth in the number of trusts established by international families in the United States, and states have been enacting new legislation to attract new business. Simon will discuss the reasons behind this and whether this signals a long-term change in the industry away from traditional offshore jurisdictions. 

Crestbridge Fiduciary is a joint venture that combines the global expertise of Crestbridge, which has a footprint in six major international finance centers, and Willow Street’s in-depth trust and fiduciary expertise and high-caliber client base. Driven by client demand, the partnership enables families with US-based interests to access a comprehensive and highly sophisticated global platform for protecting and structuring their wealth and assets.  

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