Insights / 21 September 2018

Crestbridge features in The Times International Finance Centres Special Report


As Brexit draws near, UK fund managers are getting nervous about the very real possibility that they will lose the ability to access EU investors.

There is a simple solution, however. By establishing a base in an EU jurisdiction, market access can be guaranteed.

For some larger managers, opening a subsidiary in the EU is an option. For the bulk of the market, however, the best way is to use a specialist EU third-party management solution.

This solution has a lot of advantages over establishing a base in the EU – it is cost effective, more efficient and it is tried-and-tested. Furthermore, it works in other parts of the world too.

With the Brexit clock ticking, there’s no doubt that third-party management services look set to be the mainstream solution for fund managers.

Daniela Klasén-Martin explains more in a recent article with The Times. Click here to see the full report.

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