Industry events / 07 November 2016

Crestbridge attending seminar on LGPS Investment Pooling

LGPS Investment Pooling

The seminar, which will be held at DAC Beachcroft’s offices on Fetter Lane, London, takes place on 9 November and considers the implications of the LGPS mergers for direct and indirect property investment. 

In 2015, 90 LGPS administering authorities announced they would be pooling their investments in order to reduce costs while maintaining overall investment performance. Earlier this year, each authority was required to identify other authorities with which to ‘pool’ and then submit proposals to government. For more information on the seminar, please click here

Crestbridge has extensive knowledge of Real Estate assets and provides onshore and offshore administration and accounting services to a wide variety of clients, including real estate institutions, property companies and pension funds. We also offer significant experience of investment vehicles in Jersey, Luxembourg and in the UK.

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