News / 22 January 2020

Crestbridge and Willow Street announce fiduciary services US joint venture

Paul and Heather

A joint venture between international family office services provider Crestbridge and Wyoming-based Willow Street will establish an enhanced proposition for clients.

The joint venture, which will be called ‘Crestbridge Fiduciary LLC, a US joint venture with Willow Street’, has been driven by client demand. It aims to bring together the global expertise of Crestbridge, which has a footprint in six major international finance centres, with Willow Street’s in-depth trust and fiduciary expertise and high-calibre client base. The partnership will enable families with US-based interests to access a comprehensive and highly sophisticated global platform for protecting and structuring their wealth and assets. The two firms share similar values, areas of expertise, and levels of service, making the joint venture a natural fit.

Working with families and their advisers for over fifteen years, Willow Street has become the premier provider of trustee and fiduciary support services in Wyoming. The firm provides an unparalleled level of expertise, integrity, and commitment to be there for clients over multiple generations.

Reflecting the commitment of the joint venture, members of Crestbridge’s Family Office Services team will work alongside Willow Street’s team in their Wyoming office.

The move further strengthens Crestbridge’s profile in the US, with the firm having opened an office in New York last year to support its growing US-based institutional client base.

Commenting on the joint venture, John Harris, Chairman of Crestbridge, said: “This represents a genuine commitment from both Crestbridge and Willow Street, and is a hugely positive step in helping us to realise our ambitions in the US, a market we are focused on and where our business is seeing significant growth thanks to our independence and emphasis on excellence and service quality. Together with our Family Office Group Heads Heather Tibbo and Paul Hunter, I’m looking forward to working with the team at Willow Street, in whom we have found a true partner.”

Phillip Harrington, Chairman and CEO of Willow Street, added: “Not only does Crestbridge offer global capabilities and further open up significant international opportunities for Willow Street, it is also a firm with a culture and client profile that mirror our own, making the collaboration an easy one. This is an exciting move that will enhance an already powerful value proposition for families looking for the highest level of service, integrity, and commitment.”