Industry news / 10 September 2018

Bahrain sends message of confidence to international investors

Naser Obaid

As part of efforts to boost the national economy and spur growth, Bahrain last week agreed to changes to its company law to make it possible for foreign companies to establish subsidiaries in the country and do business without local partners.

Commenting on the changes, which were endorsed by the Cabinet, Naser Obaid, Managing Director of Crestbridge, Bahrain, said:

“This should provide a real boost to the economy and send a clear message to the international community that Bahrain is very much open for business. As well as providing economic stimulus, attracting new businesses and creating jobs, this move should enable diversification within Bahrain’s business landscape and this is good news from a Crestbridge perspective. More foreign companies establishing a presence in Bahrain will bring greater demand for cross-border corporate, investment and wealth structuring expertise, and we are ready to support those international ambitions.”