Our Ireland office, based in Dublin, provides the full range of corporate services to help our local and international clients. Ireland is a leading investment fund centre and a major domicile for the cross-border distribution of funds into the EEA and global markets.

We provide administrative, director, accounting and compliance services to corporate structures domiciled in Ireland, including:

  • Real assets
  • Private equity
  • Structured finance
  • Aircraft leasing
  • Debt and capital raising
  • M&A

Why Ireland?

Established in 1987 by the Irish Government, the IFSC houses some of the world’s premier Financial Services institutions. A sophisticated support network including accountancy, legal actuarial, taxation, regulatory and telecommunications has grown up around it.

The EU hub for international finance

3rd largest funds domicile in the world and the 2nd largest in Europe

250 of the world's leading financial firms have internationally focused operations in Ireland