Risk Management Oversight

We provide a range of independent risk management solutions, including risk management oversight, outsourced independent risk management function, oversight of delegations, coordination and communication with appointed third parties and regulators.

We believe that in order to deliver the support you need, our team should become an extension of your team. To drive the highest quality service standards across all levels of our business, we recruit the highest calibre people and ensure that a board director has oversight and active involvement in each client’s business.

Since we are privately-owned, we are able to operate independently, which is particularly important to investors in the current environment of robust governance requirements. Our independence enables us to take a flexible approach, tailoring our service to suit your specific needs while ensuring that all regulatory obligations are met.

As a fully-established management company, we are able to offer a more cost-effective solution than investing in a proprietary structure. We can also achieve faster implementation when it comes to regulatory approvals, helping you to meet your clients’ expectations. 

Independent permanent risk management function

Our experienced professionals can act as independent risk managers to cover for the requirements of the regulator. We can support a variety of structures (UCITS, SIFs, SICARs and AIFs) and investment strategies.

Provision of key personnel

We can provide resident conducting officers, directors and senior managers with experience in the relevant asset class.

Corporate governance and secretarial

We can offer comprehensive administrative services to regulated and unregulated structures, including local directors, registered office and organisation of board and shareholder meetings throughout the lifecycle of the fund or manager structure.


We can provide you with fully furnished office space in our premises to respond to substance and regulatory requirements.