Management Company Services

Crestbridge Management Company Services operate in key areas of expertise:

  • UCITS and AIFM Management Company Services (ManCo)
  • Independent Risk Management
  • Oversight of Delegated Functions
  • Third party Management Company

Solutions designed to suit your investors needs.

Using our Luxembourg ManCo service will enable you to:

  • Market funds across the EU seamlessly and effectively from Europe’s leading distribution hub
  • Structure investments as umbrella funds or partnerships using a flexible toolbox of solutions
  • Meet investor need for confidence in approved market access
  • Safeguard against future changes in European fund legislation
  • Offer high levels of investor protection and the guarantee of increased levels of  fund reporting 

Using our Jersey ManCo services ensures:

  • No exposure to EU regulations for promoters distributing funds outside the EU
  • Quick and cost-effective AIF registration process for promoters distributing into the EU via Private Placement
  • Potentially lower costs of distributing funds by Private Placement
  • Easy access to major UK investor market 
  • Access to professionals who are very familiar with Jersey’s existing fund regime, with limited adjustments to EU regulation required 

Crestbridge is a leading provider of ManCo services and we offer substantial skill and experience across front, middle and back office spaces to fully support independent risk management and oversight services, enabling you to meet regulatory requirements, or for full UCITS/AIFM ManCo services.

  • Experience – we were one of the first companies in Luxembourg to become a SuperManCo (a ManCo holding both a UCITS and AIFM licence), as well as becoming the Manager of the first multimanager RAIF platform. We were also one of the first in Jersey to offer ManCo services and are still the only Channel Island-headquartered ManCo
  • Independence – we are privately-owned and therefore free to operate independently, which is particularly important to investors in the current environment of robust governance requirements. Our independence enables us to take a flexible approach, tailoring our service to suit your specific needs, while ensuring that all regulatory obligations are met 




We offer UCITS and AIFM ManCo services to managers of ETFs, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, infrastructure, fund of funds, CTA traders, corporates and family offices. 

As a fully-established UCITS and AIFM ManCo in Luxembourg and offshore AIFM in Jersey, we are able to provide a more cost-effective route for fund managers than establishing and operating a proprietary structure. 

We can act as your EU AIFM (passport route) and UCITS ManCo in Luxembourg as well as your non AIFM (NPPR route) and ‘rest of the world’ Management Company in Jersey, offering a turn-key solution to support your multi-jurisdictional distribution needs.

Our management Company services include:

  • Acting as the appointed regulated management company to your fund
  • Acting as your appointed independent risk manager; including oversight, market risk, liquidity risk, counterparty risk, leverage and operational risk
  • Independent regulatory reporting; risk management, AIFMD Annex IV reporting and to the fund’s board
  • Oversight of delegations (including portfolio management, central administration and distribution)
  • Coordination and communication with third parties and regulators
  • AIFM portfolio management key functions (execution of investment/divestment decisions under independent advice) for funds investing in non-financial assets
  • Offering high levels of investor protection and the guarantee of increased levels of fund reporting  

Related services: 

Independent permanent risk management function 

Our experienced professionals act as independent risk managers to cover the requirements of the regulator. We support a variety of structures; including UCITS, SIFs, RAIFs, SICARs and other AIFs and investment strategies; long-short equity, fixed income/debt, liquid alternatives, hedge, private equity, real estate and infrastructure. 

Provision of key personnel 

We provide resident conducting officers, directors and senior managers with experience in the relevant asset class. 

Corporate governance and company secretarial 

We offer comprehensive administrative services to regulated and unregulated structures, including local directors, registered office and organisation of board and shareholder meetings, throughout the lifecycle of the fund or manager structure. 


We can provide you with fully furnished office space in our premises to respond to substance and regulatory requirements.