Family Office Services

Representing one of our key service areas family office administration requires a unique combination of understanding, skills and experience. Privately-owned, we can offer a discreet, customised service that meets your needs, whether you require simple administration services for a single asset, or a full outsourcing solution for a large family with multi-jurisdictional structures holding investments, yachts, planes, real estate, collections and philanthropic interests.

Acting as trustees and directors, clients trust us to administer their valuable assets.  We focus on the provision of the best possible service, and in doing so aim to deliver peace of mind.

Director-led, professional team

We know that quality people are at the heart of good client service. By working with Crestbridge, you will have access to some of the most highly skilled and experienced professionals in this field.  Our policy of building long-term, director-led relationships ensures that a board director has oversight and active involvement in every client’s affairs.

We add value to families by leveraging our extensive corporate experience and ensure that we apply the right resources and expertise to each client.

Trustee and administration services

  • Provision of trustee and director services
  • Establishment and administration of multi-jurisdictional asset protection and holding vehicles including:
    • Trusts
    • Companies
    • Foundations
    • Private Trust Companies
    • Family Limited Partnerships
    • Family Unit Trusts
    • Philanthropic structures
    • Comprehensive secretarial services
    • Provision of experienced directors / NEDs
    • Co-ordination with family office and advisors
    • Transaction management and deal evaluation 

Accounting and reporting services

  • Consolidated accounting
    - Transaction reporting
    - Tailored stakeholder reporting and communication services
  • Management information and dashboard analysis
    - Coordination of commitments, obligations and cash flow forecasting
    - Online access through secure portal

Asset monitoring

  • Investment portfolio monitoring
  • Monitoring of loan covenants, forecasting and reporting
  • Comprehensive real estate administration, oversight and co-ordination of utilities, security and insurance

Additional services

  • Regulated Trustee services
  • Protector services
  • Tailored family fund and real estate administration services
  • Tailored family office outsourced support services
  • Provision of dedicated office space